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About The Author
David Hunts' specialties are Market Analysis, Charting, Elliott Wave Trading, WE Gann, Market Timing, Forecasting, and ASX Share Market Advice.

The experience David Hunt bases his expertise on is impressive with over 35 years stock market investing and trading and over 26 years trading and investing in Currencies, ASX Shares, Commodities, Interest Rates, Bonds, U.S. Stocks and Futures.

Recognized within the industry for his 100% independent and completely unbiased shrewd stock market investment mindset, his brilliant trading mind and his ability to think outside the box and generously pass on his expertise, knowledge and advice without fear, favour or Bias, David Hunt is a regular Guest Speaker for the ATAA (Australian Technical Analysis Association) and is a regular expert panellist on Foxtel Television Sky Business News "Your Money ~ Your Call" 
  • Founding Member ATAA and APTA
  • Vice President and Director APTA 
  • Speaker International IFTA 
  • Lecturer in Trading Securities Institute of Australia 
  • Proprietary and Strategic Trader Macquarie Bank 
  • Forex Treasury Manager Qantas 
  • Over 30 Years Corporate Market Experience CIG Ltd, AUSSAT, Macquarie Bank, Qantas and Assorted Funds Management 
  • Expert Panelist Your Money Your Call Foxtel Television Sky Business News 
  • Author The Gann Analysis for the Australian Securities Institute
  • Author Wiley Trading Guide II and multiple other trading and trading related publications.  
  • Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning) from PS 1346 Batchelor of Commerce Honours
  • Masters of Commerce University of NSW
  • "Australias Top Market Timer & Top 3 Chartist in the World" - Dawn Bolton Smith 
  • "A Walking Encyclopedia of Trading Knowledge" Master Trader - Larry Williams 
  • "The Bell Ringer" - The Financial Review 
  • "Advisor to the Advisors" - Australian Men's Living Magazine

"David Hunt is a 

walking Encyclopedia of Trading Knowledge..."

 Larry Williams - Master Trader

I’ve been trading since the end of 2013. 

I have tried on my own but regrettably have been going backwards with my investment.

I have known David Hunt (I call him “The Master”), for a couple of years now. 

I attended his Train the Chartist seminar on the Gold Coast last year and again this year. 

I always learn something new when I hear him speak and get to meet some great like minded people.

So earlier this year I joined David as a PHG Gold member and it was one of the greatest things I have ever done. 

Now I only follow David’s recommendations I have been able to recoup my losses and make about $7000 in 3 months.

Thank you so much David. 

You are truly a unique mastermind in the share market and I look forward to working with you for many years to come!

George Oze - Gold Coast - QLD - Australia 

David Hunt - George Oze 
XJO.ASX Short Term. Expiry for options 21/7/2016

"You had a target on the XJO of 5440.

Well we hit it again :)  You have done it again!

There can be no doubt... You are the charting Master!

Great work mate.  Where to now for the XJO?

When should I be selling some calls and using that money to buy some puts?"

J.B.   15th July 2016 

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